Friday, October 31, 2014

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4th Grade Ghost Stories

More will be coming but until then....ENJOY!
The Ghost of Lancaster   
by: Ryan
The town of Lancaster was almost the same as other towns. There was a mayor, a fire chief, and a police chief, but Lancaster had something no other town had. Lancaster had a ghost!
  Everyone in town knew about Otto. Some people saw him. Others had heard him. Others had evidence he was there. You see, Otto liked to play mean tricks on the people of Lancaster.
  Otto showed up in unexpected places. For example,the fourth graders in Mr.Castro’s class said he was at their picnic at Lancaster Park!
Before lunch Mr.castro said, “Let’s take a walk,then we’ll have our lunch.” When they returned,all of their lunches were gone! Someone (or something) ate all their lunches and left a huge mess. “It must have been Otto,”  said Davin.  They all agreed.
Then there was the story of Ms. Parker’s garden. One day it was filled with pretty flowers,the next it was hideous weeds. Otto has been in my garden she whispered to herself. But no one believed what otto did that one fateful day in June.  But how else were they to believe that Otto had hurt an old lady and killed her family. Their bodies were found burning,and they started a wild fire!  Every time the firefighters put it out otto would start it again.
One day Otto’s family came and talked to him. They apologized to the towns folk, too.
No one has heard or seen Otto ever since.

I wonder if we will ever know where he went, but I hope he is happy?

A Memory Forever
By Ella
One night in Lancaster at about 2:00 am there was a funeral for my grandma. The time for this gathering may seem strange to you but it was my grandma’s favorite time.  After all the speeches, we went to the grave yard and buried my grandma. When we started digging we heard thunder. Then we saw lightning. There was a storm. It was just like my grandma’s favorite weather.  She loved stormy nights.  We got done digging and burying her. When everyone left I was the only one there. So I said a couple prayers and then people started coming out of their graves. I was scared for a little bit then I saw that my grandma came up. So we talked and had a good time. Then we made homeade brownies right there in the graveyeard.   At about 4:30 am,  I said goodbye. She went back to her grave and I went home, we both ended up great

                                                                 The End

Thursday, October 30, 2014


We had one Spooktacular Day!
Team TMNT - Go 4th Grade!

Thanks for stopping in, Junie B.


 Who is under there???  We will never tell.

Monday, October 27, 2014

How to Create a Monster That Gets Noticed

We kicked off Halloween week in Grand Fashion!  We heard the story "The Ghost with Red Hair." Then we began creating our own monsters.  We talked about what would make a monster scary.  What kind of eyes are scary?  What about the lips and mouth?  Should we make fangs or vampire teeth?

So many great thoughts went into the planning and creating of our monsters.  

We will be doing things with ghost stories and monsters all week and I am super excited to share Washington Irving's class tale with the 4th graders.  Do you know the story of The Headless Horseman?  It just wouldn't seem like Halloween if I didn't read the story of Ichabod Crane and Brom Bones to my students.

We were also celebrating our 20 golden tickets with lunch and a movie (a Halloween movie--of course) in the classroom.

The day seemed to FLY like a bat at night.  Can't wait for WKCE testing tomorrow.  Any book orders, Bingo Night Slips, and Little Arrows forms can be returned, too!  Check in later in the week to see more of how our monsters are getting noticed!

Monday, October 20, 2014

It's Monday. What Are You Reading?

Each day students are given 20 minutes to read something they choose.   I enjoy checking out what they select.  It's also great to hear them talk about what they are reading.    There is no "requirement" right now but book projects will be starting in November (2nd quarter).

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday FUN!

Today was a great day!  We were busy and we didn't get any homework!  We took our spelling test in the computer lab ( a few issues today with computers acting strange....).  We also did XtraMath to practice our facts.

 We took our reading quiz over Stormalong and then had a few minutes for QRT (quiet reading time).
 By the afternoon we were ready for math facts with some multiplication war.

 A quick review of the multiplication methods taught this week.

We wrote our family journal letters.

Our day wasn't over yet!  We met on the carpet for some reading time with the fall athletes.

The final moments were spent getting autographs from the wonderful role models that visited Winskill this afternoon.

There's a home football game tonight so I hope to see you there.   Thanks for taking time to check out the pictures from our day!