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Friday, November 20, 2015

Math - Division Using Place Value Sections Model

This week we worked really hard to understand division using what we already know about multiplication.  Here are a couple of the powerpoints that we used during class.  They are a great way to review over the weekend.

Lesson 3-2

Lesson 3-3

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Time for Some Reflection

There are so many days that I take pictures at school to remind myself of all the things that we are doing.  There are other days that I get to the end and realize that I haven't taken a single photo.  Some days I am just in the moment and other days I really get to sit back and watch as these amazing 4th graders learn from each other!
Today we stopped our math lesson just a little early to play Factor Captor.  It's one of my favorite math games.  Once students realize the strategy behind it, it's a great challenge!

We didn't get to play for too long this afternoon (about 20 minutes) but those 20 minutes were amazing.  There were conversations about the numbers that were being chosen.  Thinking was happening so naturally.
I assigned the partners and I never heard anyone complain (they should know better than to complain, right?).I used our lunch card color partners to assign partners.  It worked out perfectly.
Did I tell them the rules and expectations ahead of time?  Yes.   Did they play by the rules and expectations.  Uh huh.   And then they got a chance to just play and build and create with the unifix cubes.
It was a great way to quickly review math facts (factors and factor pairs).
It makes me realize that I need to plan in Game Day Fridays for math.  I know that today wasn't Friday but it felt like one since I won't see the kids tomorrow.  This was a great way to finish the week together.

Some great thinking was happening!

We did have to do some work before we could "play".  It was great to have student leaders to share their thinking with the class.

I am telling my day backwards a bit.  We finished up our scarecrow so that we could hang it with all the others.  It turned out pretty well!  Lots of creativity and an excellent team-building activity.
Before we headed to the computer lab, we took a second to pose with our straw pal.

Now let's back up to Tuesday.
Myleigh accepted our Golden Spoon Award at the PBIS assembly.  Our class earned this honor by being polite in the cafeteria.  The next goal is to earn the Golden Slipper.  We have quite a bit of work today to practice our walking silently in the hallway but I know that we can earn that award soon!
Before the PBIS awards began, Kendra was honored with her award.  What a wonderful treat that her grandparents could be there!

As I reflect on this week, I have so many things that I am proud of.  I am proud of the good friends who see when their peer is sad and cheer them up.  I am proud of the students who do EVERY assignment.  I am proud of the kids who go above and beyond my expectations.  We aren't prefect but we are working every day to be better than yesterday.  Here's to the 2nd quarter of the school year. :-)

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