Friday, February 16, 2018

February 16 - Weekly wrap up and Newsletter Link

It was a wonderful week in 4th grade.  We enjoyed our Valentines celebration along with Fabulous Friday time with Mrs. Whitford.   Check out the Newsletter HERE!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Run Report for February 4

When you want things to get better you have to make a change.  I'm working hard on that.  I am using the fellow flowers "Get Gutsy" saying to help me make the changes to make things better.  I'm definitely going gutsy!

 With my running I am focusing on the 13.1 distance (which I always do).  This year is about setting a personal record.  No more finish lines with energy left in the tank.  I need one of my 7 finishes to be under 1:51 and I am hoping for at least 3 of them to be sub 2 hours.  It's doable.  Training and smart fueling is all that needs to happen.
I was lucky enough to celebrate Declare it Day with these fabulous ladies in Madison on Saturday.  We all have big goals and a great support system to make the goals a reality!

 We started out our goal setting with some fun, snowy, social miles.  I loved running and chatting with strong and determined friends.
 Sundays have bee
When I say that I am going to be BRAVE and listen to my heart.  I mean it.  It has been one stressful month and the final week of January was the WORST yet.  I'm tired and yet I can't sleep at night.  These runs and this goal are about getting back to the healthiest me for my family.
I'm so excited to train for the HER Madison half in June.  It's been giving me something to look forward to on these stress-filled days.   If you are interested in running the half or 5k in June (June 22 -24), please use coupon code MARGARET for a discounted rate.

I am so thankful for the awesome organization and leadership that Steena and Melissa put into Saturday's DID event.  It was just what I needed to remind myself that I CAN do big things.

The best part about spending Declare it Day in Madison was catching up with these awesome friends. 
Love the team of Wildflowers that I get to be a part of this year, too

Mile check in - 110/ 2018---getting there 1 mile at a time.
Putting in 100 pushups a day, too.
8 minute abs workout a few days a week.

I'll be running as a St. Jude Hero at the end of April.  Learn more about that HERE.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Run Report for January 7

I actually got outside for my miles today.  I did my "fast mile" on the treadmill first and then it was 4+sunny miles.
I'm working on doing a 1 mile run as fast as I can once a week....last Sunday I finished in 8:23 but today was close.

In my quest for 2018 miles this year I have 25 miles in.  

I'm running as a St. Jude Hero this year, too.  You can see more about that HERE!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wrapping up 2017 and Planning for 2018

Year End Wrap Up

What did I do in 2017?
Parkinson’s ½ (Cottage Grove)
Rock n Roll Nashville ½
RAGNAR Chicago
HER Madison ½
Rock n Roll Chicago ½
Dubuque Labor Day ½
Quad Cities Marathon ½ 
Hungry 4 Some Supper Myself 10K
Plus a few virtual runs including the Fellow Flowers Joy Run and Spartan Challenge

Mileage check in -  Finished with 2102 intentional walking and running miles.

My life was altered in a huge way this year.  June 12 is the day my dad passed away.  
My dad was truly one of a kind---not just a one of a kind dad but ONE of a KIND everything.  
He loved hard and lived with passion.  Life changed when my dad got sick on May 5.   
I knew he hadn’t been doing well as early on as April 7 but I don’t think I had any idea that it
was going to be the way that it was.  
 I have to say that through all of this I have realized that my mom is much stronger than I’d known.  
The life changes and events of May and June definitely impact my goals and ambitions for 2018.
 I will continue to celebrate my dad by eating peanut butter cup everythings
and drinking my soda pop with no ice.  
I will sometimes feel sad but more often I will celebrate that I got to be his daughter.

On Christmas Eve we attended church with my sister at the Cathedral of the Rockies.  
It was familiar because it was a candlelight Christmas Eve service like I’ve attended at
united methodist churches for about 40 years---I’m figuring I’ve missed at least at least
one during my life, right?

(Listen to the sermon HERE:   
starts at about 40 minutes in ---You can also see my sweet and amazing niece singing in the children's
choir and playing bells with the bell choir.)

Anyway---one of the things that the pastor hit on that really struck home with me was the idea of JOY.  
I love JOY.   I loved the Fellow Flowers Joy virtual run a couple of months ago.  I love the feeling of Joy.
 The pastor tied it in with the hymn “Joy to the World” but then he also talked about how it is bigger than
happiness.  Joy is so much MORE!

There was a connection to the inventor of calculus.  When I was in high school or even early college,
I would say that calculus and all things math brought me joy but the story was about the FIRE and JOY
that Blaise Pascal had.    One of my favorite Blaise Pascal quotes that the pastor didn’t touch on but that
I think is important is this, "If our condition were truly happy, we would not seek diversion from it in order
to make ourselves happy."  Working on that idea of being truly happy this year is a huge goal for me.  
I am going to spread JOY!

Next the pastor told the story of Zacchaeus.  
The story of his daughter being given new tires on her way home just before Christmas came next.  
JOY ---JOY changes us like it changed Zacchaeus.  
Joy -- joy to the world.  I
t’s a movement and a way to live and I am hoping that 2018 is a year that I can show JOY in all that I do.  

Joy will carry us through the sadness in life.  WHOLENESS and HEALTH and LIFE!  
It’s bigger than happiness!  Joy can turn our sadness into dancing.  Choose JOY!  
It will carry you through all of life---the ups and the downs.    

With that being said I have a few “resolutions”.  These are pieces of my way to bring JOY to 2018.
---Run the 6 halves I have registered for and work toward sub 2 finishes and maybe even a PR
(previous PR is from August 2013 at 1:50 ---The last half I've run sub 2 was Prairie in May of 2015)
        1. Parkinson's Half
        2. Naperville Women's Half
        3. Rock n Roll Nashville Half (as a St. Jude Hero)
        4. HER Madison Half (register and use coupon code MARGARET for a discount)
        5. Indy Women's Half
        6. Quad Cities Half
--Meet my fundraising goal for St Jude for the Rock n Roll Nashville Half
--Clean up my nutrition and drink water daily

Bring on the NEW!

Friday, December 15, 2017

'Tis the Season

We've been caroling, crafting, and creating all week and there is surely more to come next week.  Check out our newsletter HERE.  It includes upcoming events and the spelling words for the first week in January.