Sunday, February 12, 2017

Collaborative Inquiry

Yesterday was the first day of the class that I am taking this year.  (Each year I take a grad class to keep ideas fresh and stay up to date on new things in education---usually I take the class at the beginning of the summer.  This year I found an amazing opportunity that is 3 Saturdays and will be done just in time for spring break!!).  I knew this class would be great because the instructor is one that I absolutely love.  Every time I've taken a class or even a workshop with her I have left with ideas that I could use right away.  Yesterday was no different!!

I left the house at 6:30 because I wasn't sure about the directions.  I made my way with no hurry or worry about time because google told me I would arrive by 8:30.  Even with a stop at Wal-mart and a gas station, I arrived at 8:28.  (Next time I will leave about 1/2 an hour later).

Went inside, picked my seat, chatted with Deb, and took a quick little walk around Shannon before class started.  Once everyone arrived, Deb went over the class layout and collected fees.  Everyone completed the registration process and the day began.  GAMES GAMES GAMES.

My notes:

How can I get kids to learn the content with games?   What about taking the learning to the next level?

If you’re playing games for fun that’s okay but honor that.

Competition does different things for different kids.

Where the Cool Wind Blows (add content)
With spelling words
With vocab
With topics
Card Games
Canadian Salad
Spades Rule

I've never taken a class that holds people over but nobody complains.  That happened.  We were all so busy and enjoying what we were doing that at 3:10 when we realized it was past the dismissal time, we just kept playing!  Deb wrapped up the day and gave us our "assignment" for next class.  I'm so excited to create my games.  I got home and had to share some game time with the family, too!  

Friday, February 3, 2017

Wrapping up the Week

This week was such a fun-filled and fabulous one!  Here is a link to our newsletter.

I also wanted to share some fabulous resources that go along with our IMMIGRATION Unit.  We started with a 4 corners poster activity to brainstorm what we knew and to record some of our questions.    Then we did a literature log to go along with this story:  Dreaming of America by Eve Bunting.  If you follow the link, you can listen to the story again.  There were so many great thoughts and questions as we read the story.  Afterwards Michael did some extra research about the main character.   Here's a link to one of the sites that he read.

Next week we will be welcoming a new friend to our classroom.  Thanks for checking out what's happening!