Thursday, April 30, 2015

Newsletter for the Week

As many of you may know I like to call myself a runner.   I truly love to run.   When I get a spare amount of time I will choose to run.  Last Saturday I ran my first race of the year.  I ran a pretty decent race and I was okay with my finish.  As I was driving home that day I came down the hill near Ellenboro.  Do you know the hill I mean?  It is one of my favorite hills to run.  I used to run from Lancaster to Platteville every weekend and that hill was something I really looked forward to because it is such a challenge.  I haven’t run that hill in a LONG time and so when I went to Platteville on Wednesday evening I parked the car right near that little Ellenboro Garage.  I stood at the bottom of the hill looking up.  I started up the hill and then had to stop.  The hill is pretty steep and I was nervous (and maybe even a little bit scared).  I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to run up the hill like I used to. Every now and then we all need to try running up those big hills.  When we do those difficult things, we realize what we are capable of.  This school year has been full of challenges but we have made it (almost)!  We have tackled the unknowns of the Badger Exam (just have another week left of them).  We have completed our final STAR tests.  We can do this. Don’t be afraid to try running up those big hills!  What a great feeling it is to be able to look back down the hill once the challenge has been met!

We worked with a grammar review this week.  Our grammar creatures turned out well and we know we can teach you a bit about prepositions and adverbs!  Social studies time was used to review biographies and then we created a Biography Brochure to share what we had learned about our famous people.  We included text and graphic features to review our reading skill from last week (maps, photos, timelines, etc.).  Math Unit 7 is wrapped up and we will review Monday for our test on Tuesday.

This week's newsletter is HERE.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Newsletter and a Video from Tree Planting

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Here's a video that Aja Taylor put together highlighting yesterday's tree planting.  Check it out!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Police Pals

Thank you, Sergeant McLimans, for visiting our classroom today. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Newsletter for the Week

Check out the news for the week.

*** Tomorrow is Autism Awareness Day.  Please wear blue.

*** Saturday is the Epilepsy Run/Walk.  A note came home today about an opportunity with that event.


With the short week we are taking time to enjoy poetry.  We have talked about different kinds:  cinquain, couplets, haiku, limerick and more....

We chose the best part of ourselves and wrote about it with rhyming couplets.  Here is one of our finished poems:

The Best Part of Me
By Aven

I love my hair,
it falls when I sit in a chair.
My hair is very blonde,
I love when it falls in the pond.
I have long bangs,
My hair dangles and hangs.
My hair is sometimes purple and pink,
There is a big link.
I like to braid,
I would never trade.
My hair makes me me,
As nice as can be.