Monday, August 31, 2015

AHHH! Tomorrow is the 1st Day of School

Can you believe that the summer is over?  If you are like me, you are probably feeling like it went faster than last year.  I am already making a list of things I thought I would have finished over the summer that will now become winter weekend projects.  Despite the sadness we may feel because we will have to start going to bed a little earlier, this year ahead is very exciting!  As 4th graders, your children have many responsibilities.  They will have a special responsibility to their class, their grade level, school, and the Lancaster Community.  Students will have the opportunity to be in class with old friends and maybe some new faces.  There is something so special about the beginning of a new school year for EVERYONE---for the kindergartners who say goodbye and are apart from their families for the greatest number of hours ever, for the parents who have an even harder time saying goodbye, for the school staff who have been preparing for the arrival of all these fabulous students, and for me because I have been anxiously awaiting and preparing for the the arrival of YOUR children.  Whatever our age or how we fit in the equation, we will all go to bed tonight with a wonderful sense of excitement.  A new beginning---and beginnings are everything!

I have many wonderful ideas for the year ahead.  In my planning and teaching, I hope to create fun and excitement about the learning that will take place.  I encourage you to share this experience of school with us by following our blog and faccebook page but even more importantly by talking with your 4th grader.

4th grade is a big deal!   I am looking forward to assisting your child through all of their successes this year.   During the year I invite you to stop in and see what is happening in our classroom.  Feel free to visit or call often so that we are able to work together in shaping your child's future.  I am so glad to have your child and am looking forward to being fabulous and fearless in fourth grade!

It's Monday....What are you reading? #IMWAYR

As the new school year is only a day away (yipee!!!)   I want to tell you how much I love the extra time that I have during the summer for reading.   I love reading all different things during the summer.  During the school year I'd like to keep up with this as a weekly post (#IMWAYR) but include what some of the 4th graders are reading, too.   So let's get to the details of what I'm reading right now.
My FUN book of the moment is A Night Divided.  It's historical fiction and I am loving it.   It's told from the point of view of  Gerta.  She is living eastern Berlin when the Berlin Wall goes up.  It splits her family because her father and brother were on the western side when the wall went up.  After years of not seeing her brother and father, Gerta sees her brother one day while walking to school.  Even more exciting is when Gerta sees her father.  The struggle between Gerta and her mother adds another conflict to this story.   I'm not finished but I'm hoping to finish this before school starts tomorrow.

 My personal development book of the moment is Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.  It is encouraging me to live wholeheartedly and not be afraid to try.  It's a great read for me to encourage to give it my best every day.
This is my TBR stack (to be read).  I'm always adding books to this pile.  Here's to hoping that my 4th graders coming in will be willing to help me read some of these ;-)

It's Monday.  What are you reading?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Day of Innovation Presentation

As many of you may know, I love technology.  My very first year teaching I was the district computer teacher at River Ridge (Illinois).  Although it has been many years since I taught computers, it is still near and dear to my heart.

I'm excited to share some computer ideas with the staff here in Lancaster tomorrow.  Here is what I will be presenting:

Google Docs

I hope everyone had a productive Monday!!