Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Reading Fun

Last week was filled with reading FUN!  We started our novel Tuck Everlasting and Friday finished with Winter Sports Readers.
The 4th graders were excellent listeners for the girls that came to read.  We heard a fable about a spider.  I always love fables.  Ask your 4th grader what they think the moral was.

Our reading time with Tuck was so enjoyable.  We have loved getting to know Winnie Foster and the Tuck Family.  Just when Winnie is thinking about running away, she gets kidnapped.  Winnie is amazed by the house where the Tuck Family lives.  It's nothing like the spotless and organized home where she lives.
We did a gallery walk with some of the important quotes from the beginning of the book.

We also worked on vocab words and two new reading techniques:  read, talk, write, and the 3R's.

Great things are happening and we are so glad to share a glimpse of it with you!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sock Hop Fun

Thank you to all that were involved in tonight's Friends of Winskill Sock Hop!
I saw so many of our fabulous 4th graders here for the event.  I think it might make them a little tired tomorrow but we will enjoy our Read-In time.  It will be a perfect way to recover from all of tonight's festivities.

It makes my heart happy to see the friendships that have grown so far this school year.  The excitement showed whenever another 4th grader would be spotted.  I loved the enthusiasm these kids showed because their friend was here to dance and celebrate with them. 

What is your favorite Sock Hop Song?  I think my favorite is Peggy Sue by Buddy Holly.  My daughter, Kate, says that hers is Flying Purple People Eaters.

Thank you Friends of Winskill for putting on such a great event for our families.

Tomorrow is our Read-in and Valentine's Day Party.  

This Week's Newsletter

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Where has the week gone?

Time seems to be moving at an amazing speed in 4th grade!  Check out some of the fun things that have been happening.
Ella's new puppy, Bella, came to visit.  Everyone loved getting to meet her.  She was so well behaved and adorable.
During our math time today we worked on word problems to figure out measurements for Moon Ball Cookies.  I love them but know that I would eat the whole batch if I made them at home.  The students worked really well in their small groups.  At the end of the day, 4th graders were able to give a small valentine to someone else that contained 2 cookies (they ate one or 2 if they wanted to).

I saw great teamwork today but it started with Miss Middendorf last week when she was in our room.  Check out the winning spaghetti tower! 
We are enjoying the week as we prepare for Valentine's Day.  Don't forget that tomorrow we will be celebrating a green cup award by dressing in Sock Hop apparel during the day.  Plan to come back to Winskill from 4:30 to 7:30 for the Friends of Winskill Sock Hop!

Hope the week slows down a bit so we can enjoy the events.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What exactly happens in the water cycle?

I am not ever going to claim to be the greatest science teacher but I do try...  Today we tried to complete a water cycle experiment.  We had read about the process of the water cycle.  

Yesterday we read about how the amount of water on earth today is the same as it was even when the dinosaurs were here.  We read about how water becomes a gas (evaporation).
Then we learned how it condenses and becomes clouds.  Today's experiment was done to demonstrate how the clouds form.  

Students did a great job working in small groups (mostly pairs) to complete the task.  It was especially exciting to see the "cloud" form and then actually become rain (precipitation) again.
I'm looking forward to checking everyone's understanding of the water cycle tomorrow with a great Kahoot!
Until next time---Shine On!